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Emergency care

Emergency care is the treatment of unexpected, severe medical injuries or infections. It is typically delivered in an emergency room or an ambulance. Our emergency medicine physicians stabilize your condition as quickly as possible to prepare you for the next step of care or discharge.

Emergency services in Lees Summit, Missouri

When minor symptoms like dizziness, stomach pain or a fever turn into a medical emergency, you need to get to an emergency room (ER) quickly.

Trust the ER team at Lee's Summit Medical Center to provide you with fast, high-quality emergency care.

Our facility has 24/7 services and expert care for severe and critical symptoms.

Our ER treats a wide variety of symptoms, including broken bones, cuts, infections, chest pain and strokes. We have advanced technology and skilled specialists to help patients reach the best possible outcome.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.

ER with short wait times and highquality services

At our facility, we offer fast diagnosis and emergency care for minor conditions like scrapes and sprains to critical symptoms like strokes and chest pain. Additionally, our facility is a member of Missouri's Time Critical Diagnosis (TCD) system.

Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services manages the TCD system, which combines 911, ambulances and hospitals for the fastest response possible for life-threatening symptoms.

Some of the symptoms our ER experts treat include:

  • Head injury or other major trauma
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Open fractures
  • Severe bleeding
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Uncontrolled pain or bleeding

We offer kid-friendly care for our smallest patients

Our ER experts know how to treat your little one's mishaps. From minor scrapes to sudden severe trauma, our specialists in pediatric emergency care provide care for any condition. Our doctors have extensive training to work with your child on their level, easing their fears about a hospital visit. We also partner with you in deciding the best options for your little one.

Compassionate care for sexual assault

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, help is available 24/7 by coming directly to Lee's Summit Medical Center's Emergency Department or calling 911.

At LSMC, sexual assault patients are examined by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) in a private setting without distraction. Attention is focused on your care, comfort and emergency assistance.

A SANE is a registered nurse who has received specialized education and fulfilled clinical requirements to perform forensic examinations of patients who report sexual assault.

The SANE provides comprehensive care and has the expertise to offer effective courtroom testimony. The SANE practices as part of a multidisciplinary team, which includes administrators, physician medical directors, advocates, law enforcement, social workers, forensic scientists and prosecutors.

Remember that help is available. Contact us if you have questions about reporting an incident, medical treatment or need to talk with someone.

Chest pain center increases heart attack survival

When someone experiences chest pain, time is crucial. Besides chest pain, other signs of a heart attack may include racing pulse, pain in one or both arms or pain in the jaw or upper body.

The American College of Cardiology accredits LSMC's Chest Pain Center. We are a member of HCA Midwest Health, which is home to one of the largest chest pain center groups in the Kansas City area.

Our ER specialists work with cardiologists to help patients through chest pain, especially ST-elevated myocardial infarction (STEMI), a severe type of heart attack. Our goal is to initiate heart care within 90 minutes of first medical contact (FMC).

Our Accredited Chest Pain Center:

  • Has an emergency department integrated with the 911 emergency response system
  • Initiates patient care, resuscitates as needed and stabilizes the patient
  • Offers prevention programs and community outreach
  • Has protocols in place to transfers patients when FMC exceeds 120 minutes

Fast response stroke treatment for better recovery

As a Missouri TCD Level II and a Joint Commission-recognized Primary Stroke Center, our ER specialists treat serious stroke symptoms. We coordinate stroke care with neurologists and involve other medical specialists to improve patients' outcomes.

As a Stroke Center, we have the following capabilities:

  • 24/7 staffing by qualified medical professionals trained in stroke care
  • Individualized care to meet stroke patients' needs
  • Specialized equipment and advanced technology for treating stroke symptoms

Followup your visit to prevent future emergencies

We want you to recover well. That is why Lee's Summit Medical Center offers Care Connect. Our network created the service as a way to help you prevent future emergencies.

We go over your ER test results with you, discuss possible health issues and suggest care options. Patients who use Care Connect extend and enhance their quality of life.

ER wait times

The Lee's Summit ER offers wait times that are consistently faster than local and national averages. Through the HCA Midwest network, we treat more emergencies than any other healthcare system in the region. Check out our average ER wait times.

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Emergency care

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Currently Viewing:

Lee's Summit Medical Center
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