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Awards and recognition

In addition to our certifications, Overland Park Regional Medical Center is proud to have a variety of awards and recognitions as examples of our dedication to quality healthcare.


Breast Imaging Center of Excellence

By awarding facilities the status of a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, the ACR recognizes breast imaging centers that have earned accreditation in mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, and breast ultrasound (including ultrasound-guided breast biopsy). Peer-review evaluations, conducted in each breast imaging modality by board-certified physicians and medical physicists who are experts in the field, have determined that this facility has achieved high practice standards in image quality, personnel qualifications, facility equipment, quality control procedures, and quality assurance programs.

Pathway to Excellence®

Overland Park Regional Medical Center has achieved the Pathway to Excellence® designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The hospital joins a premier group of organizations that have received the prestigious Pathway to Excellence® recognition, awarded to hospitals that offer robust work environments, resulting in higher job satisfaction, reduced turnover, improved safety, and better patient outcomes. The Pathway designation is a global credential that highlights Overland Park Regional Medical Center's commitment to creating a healthy work environment where nurses feel empowered and are an integral part of the healthcare team, with a voice in policy and practice. As a Pathway organization, Overland Park Regional Medical Center leads the effort to enhance quality of care, patient and nursing safety, and the future of healthcare delivery.

For an organization to achieve the Pathway to Excellence distinction, it must successfully undergo a thorough review process that documents foundational initiatives in creating a positive work environments — as defined by nurses and supported by nursing research. These initiatives must be integrated in the facility's practices, policies, and culture.

Accreditations and certifications

Advanced Certification in Stroke (Primary Stroke Center)

This hospital has been designated as an AAGL Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology™ (COEMIG™). The COEMIG program is focused on improving the safety and quality of gynecologic patient care and lowering the overall costs associated with successful treatment. The program is designed to expand patient awareness of – and access to – minimally invasive gynecologic procedures performed by surgeons and facilities that have demonstrated excellence in these advanced techniques.

American College of Surgeons Verified Trauma Center

This hospital is verified as a Level II Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons (ACS). A Level II Trauma Center provides the second highest level of surgical care to trauma patients. The ACS does not designate trauma centers; instead, it verifies the presence of the resources listed in Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient.

Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement

Using objective information and input from the medical community, the Blues® have designated hospitals as Blue Distinction Centers that are proven to outperform their peers in the areas that matter to you – quality, safety and, in the case of Blue Distinction Centers+, efficiency.

Blue Distinction Centers for Knee and Hip Replacement and Blue Distinction Centers+ for Knee and Hip Replacement® provide comprehensive inpatient knee and hip replacement services, including total knee replacement and total hip replacement surgeries.

Blue Distinction Center for Maternity Care

Using objective information and input from the medical community, the Blues® have designated hospitals as Blue Distinction Centers that are proven to outperform their peers in the areas that matter to you – quality, safety and, in the case of Blue Distinction Centers+, efficiency.

Blue Distinction Centers and Blue Distinction Centers+ for Maternity Care demonstrate expertise and a commitment to quality care for vaginal and cesarean section deliveries. These Centers demonstrate better overall patient satisfaction and a lower percentage of early elective deliveries.

CAP Laboratory Accreditation

The CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program is an internationally recognized program and the only one of its kind that utilizes teams of practicing laboratory professionals as inspectors. Designed to go well beyond regulatory compliance, the program helps laboratories achieve the highest standards of excellence to positively impact patient care. The program is based on rigorous accreditation standards that are translated into detailed and focused checklist requirements. The checklists, which provide a quality practice blueprint for laboratories to follow, are used by the inspection teams as a guide to assess the overall management and operation of the laboratory.

Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) certification demonstrates that this hospital's program is aligned with current guidelines as approved by the AACVPR for the appropriate and effective early outpatient care of patients with cardiac or pulmonary issues. Certified AACVPR programs are recognized as leaders in the field of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation because they offer the most advanced practices available.

Kansas Medical Society Continuing Medical Education Accreditation

The Kansas Medical Society is recognized by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (CME) to accredit this hospital's CME programs. Recognition as an accredited institution enables medical staff the opportunity to receive quality educational programs designed to meet nationally accepted standards. In addition, accredited institutions help physicians fulfill their continuing medical education requirements for medical re-licensure.

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)

As the gold standard for breast center accreditation, NAPBC evaluates strengths across a wide spectrum of services, including prevention, early detection, diagnosis, support staff, staging, cancer treatment, rehabilitation, the quality of the multidisciplinary team and genetic counseling. To receive accreditation, breast centers must undergo a rigorous evaluation and review of their performance and adherence to NAPBC standards. Based on these stringent, nationally recognized, evidence-based quality measures, accreditation is granted only to those centers that commit to providing the best possible comprehensive care to patients with diseases of the breast.

Sleep Medicine Accreditation

American Academy of Sleep Medicine accreditation is the gold standard by which the medical community and the public can evaluate sleep medicine services. The Standards for Accreditation ensure that sleep medicine providers display and maintain proficiency in areas such as testing procedures and policies, patient safety and follow-up, and physician and staff training.

The Commission on Cancer Accreditation

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) Accreditation Program encourages hospitals, treatment centers, and other facilities to improve their quality of patient care through various cancer-related programs. These programs focus on prevention, early diagnosis, pretreatment evaluation, staging, optimal treatment, rehabilitation, surveillance for recurrent disease, support services, and end-of-life care. The availability of a full range of medical services along with a multidisciplinary team approach to patient care at accredited cancer programs has resulted in approximately 80 percent of all newly diagnosed cancer patients being treated in CoC-accredited cancer programs.

Ultrasound Accreditation

The ACR gold seal of accreditation represents the highest level of image quality and patient safety. It is awarded only to facilities meeting ACR Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards after a peer-review evaluation by board-certified physicians and medical physicists who are experts in the field. Image quality, personnel qualifications, adequacy of facility equipment, quality control procedures, and quality assurance programs are assessed. The findings are reported to the ACR Committee on Accreditation, which subsequently provides the practice with a comprehensive report they can use for continuous practice improvement.

Watson Health 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals 2022

Overland Park Regional Medical Center is named one of the Fortune/IBM 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals. The study spotlights leading short-term, acute care, non-federal US hospitals that treat a broad spectrum of cardiology patients. The study is designed to identify impartial, actionable, and attainable benchmarks for hospital and clinical leaders as they work to raise their own organizations' standards of performance in cardiac care. The report highlights top-performing cardiovascular hospitals in the U.S. based on a balanced scorecard of publicly available clinical, operational, and patient satisfaction metrics and data.