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Awards and recognition

In addition to our certifications, Research Psychiatric Center is proud to have a variety of awards and recognitions as examples of our dedication to quality healthcare.

Our hospital has received a variety of accreditations and awards, from organizations such as The Joint Commission, American College of Radiology and American Heart Association.

Missouri Quality Award

The program, modeled after the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is recognized as one of the strongest state-level quality award programs in the country. It offers a thorough and objective educational process through which an organization can learn and apply quality implementation techniques and assessment methods. Organizations participating in the Missouri Quality Award process join a growing number of Missouri organizations that are dedicated to promoting quality as a vital element to enhancing customer satisfaction and operational performance. Through their willingness to help others, the Missouri Quality Award Recipients have encouraged other organizations to undertake their own quality improvement efforts.

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

In January of 2009, Research Psychiatric Center implemented the Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence, including a five-year plan for overall hospital improvement. The goal is this: demonstrate measurable improvement across all metrics through the Baldrige program.

What is the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program?

The Baldrige program is a strategically developed set of questions which focus on the critical aspects of management and help guide an organization toward success and sustainability. There are seven categories:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Focus
  • Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management
  • Workforce Focus
  • Operations
  • Results

Learn More about the Baldrige Program

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program has made a significant difference in Research Psychiatric Center's success and sustainability. Our goal is to continue to improve our performance to world-class level, and ultimately, recognition as a Malcolm Baldrige Award winner. Our journey is one that will take us from good to great. Learn more about the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program at the NIST website. For more information concerning Research Psychiatric Center's journey through the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, call us at (816) 444-8161 or use the Contact Us form on our home page, select "General Questions/Comments" and put "Baldrige" as the first line.

Progressing through the Baldrige Program

Organizational self-assessment

The data from our self-assessment became a baseline for overall facility improvement. The data was integrated into an improvement plan in five different key areas, or Studer's "pillars."

  • Quality
  • Growth
  • Service
  • Fiscal
  • People


The Missouri Quality Award

The Missouri Quality Award is a state-level version of the Baldrige program. As Research Psychiatric Center progresses through the application and processes involved with achieving this prestigious award, we have increased our performance across all metrics. We have:

  • Become the leader in market share in the Kansas City Market
  • Improved our ADC by 23%
  • Doubled EBITDA in three years
  • Increased patient satisfaction scores by 85%*
  • Increased workforce engagement by 19%
  • Increased physician satisfaction scores to 94%
  • *Press Ganey Satisfaction Score

Evidence-based practice model


Through the Baldrige program, we have adopted an evidence-based practice model for our Adolescent unit including these steps to increase patient, physician and staff comfort and capability:

  • Eliminated restraints
  • Significantly reduced seclusions
  • Best Practice results recognition throughout the Kansas City market.

Geriatric psychology & psychiatry

The Gero-Psych unit at Research Psychiatric Center was selected for the "Team Steps" fall (slips, trips) reduction program and has achieved a more than 50% reduction in patient falls.