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Orthopedic care

Orthopedists are doctors who take care of the entire musculoskeletal system. They diagnose and treat conditions such sprains, strains, broken bones, arthritis and osteoporosis. Some of the treatments they offer include recommending lifestyle changes, applying casts and performing surgeries, such as ligament repairs or total joint replacements.

Orthopedic specialists in Independence, Missouri

Bone, joint, muscle and spine conditions can cause pain and limit mobility.

The orthopedic surgeons and specialists at Centerpoint Medical Center in eastern Jackson County, Missouri, can treat such issues and get you back to doing what you love quickly and safely.

Health Risk Assessments

Answering a few questions can help you determine if you need to speak to your doctor.

Answering a few questions can help you determine if you need to speak to your doctor.

Comprehensive orthopedic care

Bone and joint conditions and injuries require a combination of clinical expertise, proven technology and compassionate care. Our highly skilled team of surgeons, nurses, physician assistants and rehabilitation specialists offer everything needed to reduce pain and help patients quickly and safely regain mobility.

Orthopedic conditions we treat

Patients see us for help with chronic and acute orthopedic conditions, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Bone spurs
  • Bursitis
  • Cartilage and ligament damage
  • Degenerative diseases and disorders
  • Fractures
  • Pinched nerves
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendonitis and tendinopathy

Orthopedic injury and fracture care

An injury of the bones or joints can cause excruciating pain and, in some situations, lead to disability. Fractures, or broken bones, can cause permanent damage and disability without prompt, effective care.

Most fractures can be treated with noninvasive therapies. Our skilled orthopedic team is experienced in fracture reduction, bone setting and other treatments for specific injuries.

Care for chronic orthopedic conditions

Beyond treating emergent fractures, our specialists provide care for chronic pain and sensitivity from osteoarthritis and degenerative joint conditions. We can treat some chronic issues with noninvasive methods, such as medication and physical therapy. More severe orthopedic disorders may require surgery.

Orthopedic diagnostics

The first step in recovery is a proper evaluation and diagnosis. To evaluate bone and joint conditions and injuries, our team uses imaging services, such as computerized tomography (CT) scans and X-rays.

Orthopedic treatments

We work with each patient and their primary care physician to develop a treatment plan tailored to their unique needs. We continue to work with patients and other specialists as needed to ensure their treatment and follow-up plans are comprehensive and effective.

We offer a range of orthopedic treatments, both invasive and noninvasive.

Noninvasive orthopedic treatments

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is often used in conjunction with pain management, such as oral medicine and injection therapy, to relieve pain and increase mobility in patients with mild orthopedic issues and injuries.

Orthopedic surgery

Our orthopedists may recommend surgical care for certain bone and joint conditions, such as those that do not respond to noninvasive treatments. Our orthopedic surgeons perform minimally invasive procedures, including robotic surgery, whenever possible. These advanced procedures can provide benefits compared to traditional surgery, including faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays.


Arthroscopic treatments are minimally invasive procedures used to diagnose and treat orthopedic conditions. Arthroscopy involves camera-integrated tools to help orthopedic specialists visualize bone and tissue in great detail.

Joint replacement

During a joint replacement, an orthopedic surgeon removes parts of a damaged or arthritic joint and replaces those parts with a prosthesis (artificial joint).

Joint replacement procedures performed at our hospital include:

We also offer revision procedures to patients who have had joint replacement surgery and need some or all of the prosthesis replaced.

Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery

Our hip replacement surgeons use minimally invasive hip replacement techniques, such as the anterior approach, when possible. In this procedure, the surgeon accesses the hip joint through an incision on the front of the hip. The anterior approach limits the amount of tissue and tendons disrupted during the procedure. This helps expedite the healing process.

Advanced knee replacement surgery

We offer advanced techniques for total and partial knee replacements, including robotic surgery and 3D printed knee implants. Robotic surgery improves the surgeon's accuracy and leads to a quicker recovery and less downtime for patients. 3D printed knee implants are customized to match the patient's anatomy better than off-the-shelf varieties, which are available in a limited number of sizes.

Spine surgery

We offer expert spine care from physicians, surgeons and back and neck specialists who specialize in orthopedics and neurological care. Our surgeons are skilled at performing a range of spinal surgeries, including:

  • Disc replacement
  • Discectomy
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Laminectomy
  • Spinal fusion

Orthopedic pre-surgery education

We offer pre-surgery education to patients who are scheduled for orthopedic procedures. Patients who are educated about their surgeries and involved in the process can have better outcomes than patients who are less informed and involved.

During a U-Joint Preoperative Education Class, patients can ask questions, interact with other people facing surgery and meet their multidisciplinary orthopedic team. Classes are offered every other Wednesday. Patients can register through our preadmission testing office by calling (816) 698-7114. Most patients who attend a U-Joint Preoperative Education Class walk the day of their surgeries and are discharged from the hospital the following day.

Sports medicine

We offer sports medicine to aid in the prevention and care of athletic injuries. Our sports medicine specialists are committed to keeping athletes safe and at the top of their game. Our experts treat athletes of all sports, ages and skill levels. We're dedicated to keeping our athletic community healthy and active.

Videos about our Orthopedic care services

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