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Education for providers

Research Medical Center recognizes the importance of training the next generation of healthcare providers, offering programs and training opportunities for those pursuing careers in nursing, radiological and nuclear medicine technology. We believe that the best way to learn is through study and practice. Students benefit from immersion in our active medical center, practically from day one. Combine that with small class sizes, hands-on learning and competency-based curriculums and you'll find Research Medical Center the ideal place to start your career in healthcare.

Clinical pastoral education (CPE)

CPE is an interfaith educational program that provides training to the next generation of spiritual providers. Our pastoral care team engages, empowers and educates everyone involved in the healing process to deliver holistic, patient-sensitive care. CPE is nationally recognized as the highest standard for pastoral care education in a clinical setting.

The CPE program at Research Medical Center is dually accredited by the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) and Clinical Pastoral Education International (CPEI). It is comprised of three programs:

  • CPE Residency Program of one year — September through August
  • Internship (by individual unit) — September through December and January through May
  • Full Time Summer Intensive Program, 10 weeks — June through August

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Interns and residents serve as hospital chaplains, providing pastoral care and counseling to inpatients, families and hospital staff. Each chaplain in training is assigned to a number of floors and units, providing an opportunity for the trainee to experience the full range of care settings in a modern medical facility.

The trainees provide 24-hour, on-call coverage for the Research Medical Center. Additionally, each trainee is required to present case studies, attend didactic seminars, provide written reflections, meet with their supervisor for individual supervision and take part in interpersonal relationship seminars.

The CPE program focuses on the development of self-awareness, formation of pastoral identity, professional functioning and the ability to address issues from a competent clinical and pastoral perspective.

The residency program is designed for the ordained person with a seminary degree and at least one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education. Occasionally, a layperson may qualify for admission.

CPE residents and interns serve as ecumenical chaplains, under supervision, to assigned areas throughout the Research Medical Center. This urban hospital setting provides a rich base for clinical experience and opportunities for continued personal, professional and pastoral development.

For more information on this program, please contact Rachel Greiner, Director of Pastoral Care, by phone at (816) 276-4120 or by email.

CPE curriculum

Over the course of 4 Units, through various assignments, didactics, verbatims, and group work, a successful trainee will come to a new level of self awareness, which will allow him/her to be a better pastoral caregiver; the ministry of presence is as nuanced and intricate as the individual practicing it. This unique training offers insight, clinical experience, and supervision as the trainee develops.