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Endocrinology is a specialty of medicine that relates to your endocrine system, which consists of your hormones and the glands that secrete them, including the thyroid. Endocrinologists treat the diseases and disorders related to these hormones and glands.

Endocrinology services in Kansas City, Missouri

Hormonal imbalances can become all-encompassing problems, but we work to help you and your loved ones regain control of their hormones and their life.

At HCA Midwest Health, we provide extensive, compassionate, endocrine care, including pediatric-focused services, because we understand the important role that hormones play in everyday health. Our endocrinology experts are dedicated to helping diagnose hormonal issues, restoring balance to the endocrine system and helping people's bodies function at their best.

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Endocrine services we offer

We are dedicated to helping people enjoy healthier lives through individualized treatments for a variety of hormonal complications.

Comprehensive endocrinology care

We provide extensive endocrinology services, including care specific to children. When you and your child come to us for endocrine care, you’ll meet with an experienced professional every time. Our multidisciplinary teams include board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatric endocrinologists with experience in treating a diverse range of endocrine conditions. We work to better understand root causes of whatever people may be experiencing, offering targeted services, such as diabetes care, tailored to meet individual needs and goals and improve lives.

Our endocrinology clinic

At our endocrinology clinic, we offer a warm and supportive environment that helps children feel a little more at ease. We are located beside Overland Park Regional Medical Center, which is the same location as our other children’s specialists. This enables us to easily collaborate with other pediatric professionals, and makes it easier for families to access additional resources, such as the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and the pediatric emergency room (ER).

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