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HCA Midwest Health

Patient resources

We've provided all the health-related resources, programs and tools you'll need to make your visit at one of our HCA Midwest Health hospitals in Kansas City, Missouri, as simple and stress-free as possible.

Online registration

We know your time is valuable. That’s why we offer convenient online registration for services such as surgical procedures, mammograms, and diagnostic tests and treatments.

We know your time is valuable. That’s why we offer convenient online registration for services such as surgical procedures, mammograms, and diagnostic tests and treatments.

Participating insurance plans

We accept all forms of government insurance from the U.S., Canada and other countries. We also accept Medicare, Medicaid, Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS), and workers compensation.

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Advance care planning

Advance directives are legal documents that allow you to give directions for your future medical care. Advance directives help you protect your right to request or refuse care.

Learn more about advance care planning 

Patient rights and responsibilities

We respect the dignity and pride of each individual we serve. We want our patients to be informed of their rights, responsibilities and have access to contacts for complaints and grievances.

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Patient information

General hospital information

Our doctors, surgeons, nurses and other healthcare providers want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your visit. We strive every day to provide high-quality and professional care that is tailored to meet your individual needs, so you can return to the lifestyle and activities you enjoy.

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Checking into the hospital

Your doctor or the department performing your test will give you an appointment time and instructions for your arrival at the hospital. If you have an appointment, please arrive a few minutes early to complete paperwork. We will ask you to sign consent and release forms authorizing hospital personnel to provide the services your physician has requested for you. You will have an identification band during your stay. This helps ensure you receive the proper treatments and medications.

Visiting our emergency rooms

With emergency room locations conveniently scattered throughout the Greater Kansas City area, you’ll have access to effective care whenever you need it most. We aim to keep our ER wait times low, so you can receive treatment shortly after your arrival.

Leaving the hospital

Our medical staff will work to help you recover as quickly as possible. When your doctor determines that you are well enough to leave the hospital, you will receive detailed discharge procedures. The time you leave depends upon when your physician writes your discharge orders. Before leaving your room, please check for any articles you may have missed in packing. While every effort will be made to locate misplaced articles, the hospital is not responsible for articles left in your room. Please follow any instructions you have been give concerning your health and medications carefully. If you do not understand these instructions, please ask a nurse prior to leaving. If you require home health or hospice care, we will be happy to assist you in making arrangements.

Hospital visiting hours

Family and friends provide an integral part in the health and well-being of patients. That's why HCA Midwest encourages the presence and participation of visitors in our patients' care. They are valued partners in our care team.

HCA Midwest has open, flexible visiting hours – visitors are welcome 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but these hours may vary by department. Please ask your nurse for specifics on your unit.

We strive to balance open visitation with our patients' needs for a quiet, restful and safe environment. For the well-being of our patients, there may be times when we need to temporarily limit visitation, and when these situations occur, we will fully inform patients and their loved ones. We will work with you to come up with a visitation plan that best meets your needs. View our Patient Visitation Rights.

We have updated our visitor policy as of December 14, 2022. Visitor guidelines comply with the Compassionate Care Visitation Act. What You Need to Know About Compassionate Care Visits (PDF).

Our Cancer services

For cancer patients

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming for you and the rest of your family. Our cancer resources can help you find the education, services and support you need to face this new challenge.

Cancer survivorship

Through cancer survivorship, you’ll have access to blog articles discussing various cancer-related topics, personal stories from other survivors and links to local virtual and in-person services.

Second opinion cancer clinic

You deserve the opportunity to gather as much information as possible after being diagnosed with cancer. With this in mind, our second opinion cancer clinic offers both telehealth and in-person clinic visits, enabling you to get a second opinion from an oncology expert at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute.

Our additional services and programs

We understand that each person’s health needs are different, and we want to make sure you have access to necessary resources and programs. To make things easier for you and your family, we’ve compiled a list of available resources and programs here:

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