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Cancer survivorship

At HCA Midwest Health, we want to provide our cancer survivors in Kansas City with helpful resources, updates and events, as well as information on cancer screenings.

What does it mean to be a cancer survivor? The most common definition of cancer survivorship starts at the time of diagnosis and continues through the balance of life. If you learned about your cancer diagnosis yesterday, you are in the middle of treatment, or you have been diagnosed with metastatic, incurable cancer, you are a survivor.

Put another way, a cancer survivor is anyone who has been diagnosed and is living with, through, and beyond cancer.

You are one in a million!

As a cancer survivor, you are actually one of nearly 17 million! That’s the number of cancer survivors in the United States. Even as part of this huge group, you are an individual. Your cancer was unique, your treatment was specifically designed, your body reacted in its own way, and your life as a survivor will be similarly tailored to you.

Email us to tell us what concerns you are facing as a cancer survivor. Let us know how we can support you as a cancer survivor and on which topics you'd like to gain more knowledge. Be sure to check out our blog articles, too. You can also use this link to sign up for our quarterly email newsletter.

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Cancer survivor insights

Many come through the cancer journey saying that they learned something. Maybe you gained a new point of view or found a source of strength that you didn’t fully recognize in your pre-cancer life. Maybe you learned a lot of medical terminology, a new recipe for ginger chicken or how to advocate for yourself. Some of our amazing survivors have shared their cancer insights. Please contact us if you are interested in sharing what you learned.

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Community links

There is an entire world of support available for cancer survivors. This webpage is a hub for searching and connecting with the cancer resources you need. Wellist can help you personalize your support plan. Click on the links below for virtual content or in-person services in the KC metro area and at the national/international level.

Oncology team

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest Health covers the Kansas City metropolitan area, providing services in state of the art facilities on both sides of the state line. It is not only our facilities that make cancer care at Sarah Cannon at HCA Midwest Health stand out from other healthcare systems; it is our people.

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